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Debt Collection

DebtCol Services is a registered Debt Collection agency ADRA and the Council for Debt Collectors With vast amounts of experience across many different industries in South Africa, DebtCol Services have established a good reputation as a serious specialized provider of debt collection and recovery solutions.

One Stop Shop

With a team capable of handling many different challenges DebtCol has established itself as a One-Stop-Shop in credit management and credit control at very competitive negotiable rates.

Debt Collection Services

Debt Col Services provide custom solutions to our clients that are specifically optimized for their business objectives. Our products and services formidable across the entire spectrum of the debt collection life-cycle, with a specific focus on current collections and pre-legal work. Various options exist that make working with your arrears accounts easy. Our services range from introducing a seasoned manager with strong collection experiences to providing in-house collection services that might act as an extension of your current setup. Debt Col Services provide fully integrated strategies that make managing your risk easier and help to enhance cash flow. Our proven strategies help your create a more predictable collection environment with a more optimized outcome.

Benefit Proposition

The ultimate aim is to repair the arrears accounts and reintroduce them back into the buying life cycle thus creating a win-win outcome. Custom strategies will be agreed upon between the parties on handover e.g. collecting in your company’s name protecting your brand. Our aim is the secure collection of overdue monies ASAP depending on our strategy we will focus on customer retention.

Service Offerings

  • Bad Debt Collection(Consumer and Commercial Accounts)
  • Pre-Legal Collection (Consumer and Commercial Accounts)

The Following Focus areas are available

  • Full Outsourcing of your debtors book
  • Partial Outsourcing of your debtors book
  • Outsourcing of problematic accounts only

What we do

  • We can review and assist with the structuring of your collection department, optimizing efficiency and minimizing cost from invoicing to early collection. We offer services to improve customer data such as contactability, improving communication and data quality.
  • We can review your collection process and recommend and implement changes to enhance your collection process making sure that each and every is worked on effectively and efficiently ASAP inline with your credit control process e.g. We review your collection scripts, SMS campaigns, Call campaigns and Email campaigns.
  • We provide short course training to staff with the aim to improve performance and making sure that the staff is placed in a suitable that plays to their strength and skill level i.e. can the agent work on consumer or commercial accounts.
  • We can manage your legal process on hand over accounts.
  • We can develop a credit control procedure process meeting ISO standards
  • We can send statements and invoices by SMS (web link) on your behalf
  • We are experienced in Billing and can align system development to suite your system needs